Stronger, better, faster – More Creatine equals More Power. Creatine is the most used performance enhancing supplement in the world. Simply because it works so effectively it is so wide spread and accepted. Countless of users have and still experience gains of 10 – 15% or more in strenght and stamina with heavy lifting. More reps with higher loads results in more muscle growth. It´s really that simple!


Nortech Nutrition simply delivers what your customers need – Triple action Creatine Matrix in Krea-Bolic, Pure Bacic Creatine Monohydrate and Kre-Alkalyn the highly shought after PH stable creatine. The overall advantage of using a creatine supplement can simply not be over looked. Quality matters. Nortech Nutrition has aplied all quality measures to make sure we supply the best the market can offer.

Want to know more about Creatine and it´s performance effect and use cases? Please visit Nortech Nutrition.

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