Protein Pancakes

Norwegian Protein Pancakes with whey protein and egg white protein , nutritious and made with our original Norwegian recipe. Great for breakfast and after
workout meals. Loved by fitness enthusiasts.


Real Norwegian protein pancakes. A bestseller – Our very own special recipe has now gone gluten free – plenty of proteins, fibre and moderate amounts of carbohydrates make this a first choice for top athletes as well as the family. These tasty pancakes are for active people in all ages and has become a popular breakfast – or lunch – for the entire family. Why have Protein Pancakes become so popular? Healthy food made easy, you will love them!

Protein Pancakes from Nortech Nutrition is:

  • High in fiber
  • High in protein
  • No added sugars


Please visit Nortech Nutrition web site for more in depth information about our Protein Pancake & Waffle mix

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