Pre-Workout drinks, PWO´s for short are complex mixes of amino acids and active ingredients that give improved focus, shorten recovery and kick start the muscle building process developed with the athletes performance in mind. Leran more about Max Intensity Pre-Workout at Nortech Nutrition.

Max Intensity will prepare the user – both mentally and nutritionally – for intense workouts. This is a necessary priority to achieve maximum performance. You reap no benefits of intense workouts if you are not adding enough and the correct nutrition and vice versa. Eat as healthy as you will – if you don’t work out hard enough to stimulate muscle growth, you won’t see the desired results.


Max Intensity was developed with the help of Norway’s top athletes in the fitness industry to test the product under development, these are extreme users that clearly have their priorities. After weeks of adjustments, we settled the recipe and Max Intensity came to life. Max Intensity Pre-Workout is a real hardcore and efficient Pre-Workout that suites the need for extreme athletes and those who want a true energy booster for their workout.


Max Intensity™ helps you up your workout game. Your circulation will fill up with nutritional structures from selected amino acids and micro components that optimise the blood’s nutritional profile – during and straight after working out.

This is Max Intensity

  • Quick acting effect
  • Increased mental focus
  • Accelerated restitution
  • Zero sugars
  • Pump formulation

High Performance Formula

  • 100 mg caffeine
  • 3690 mg BCAA
  • 2550 mg Creatine
  • 1500 mg Citrulline Malate
  • 1500 mg AKG
  • 750 MG Beta Alanine


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