• Advanced Collagen protein is the perfect fitness protein for muscle building made from Salmon. Loaded with protein that is rich in essential amino acids and minerals, the goal for this product is to supply a perfect muscle building and fitness support protein supplement. Collagen protein provides bouth muscle building properties and a smooth and youthful skin. Want to learn more about Advanced Collagen protein from Norway ? Please visit our Brand page Nortech Nutrition for in depth information and Nutrition Facts.



  • Incredible Whey protein unsurpassed in nutritional rich amino acids. Feel the quality. 100% Whey protein is a Norwegian bestseller. Packed with natural essensial amino acids for muscle building. Look no further! Want to learn more about Norwegian 100% Whey protein ? Please visit our Brand page Nortech Nutrition for in depth information and Nutrition Facts.
  • Lean Mass Gainer is truly a performance enabling product. We have gone to great length to make this formula top notch. Improving the cell infusion with highly absorbable amino acids and proteins enabling athletes that look for maximizing muscle building without excess fat build up reach their goals faster. Nortech Nutrition Lean Mass Gainer has no comperables in the market. Want to learn more about Lean Mass Weigth Gainer ? Please visit Nortech Nutrition for in depth information and Nutrition Facts
  • Bulk Mass weight gainer is a product designed to help you gain weight and gain greater muscle mass and total weight. Therefore Bulk Mass weight gainer contains complete protein sources from whey protein and milk protein, medium chain fatty acids (MCT´s) and complex carbohydrates that are readily available to the muscles after ingestion. Bulk Mass weight gainer ensures that the body is supplied with quality nutrition so that you achieve the results you desire. Please visit our brand site Nortech Nutrition for more in depth information about Bulk Mass Weigth Gainer use case and Nutrition Facts.
  • Amino acids is a wide range of single and multiple pure amino acid molecules that amplifies anabolic effects in musculature. These highly sought after natural protein molecules is well known performance aids in the sports nutrition industry and is being recognized mainstream for all kinds of active people for its anti catabol and anabolic effect on muscles. Nortech Nutrition carry a detailed range of Amino Acids and deliver scientific proven formulas for performance enhancing effects. Nortech Nutrition range of anabolic muscle building amino acids • EAA (Molecular essensial amino acids) • BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) • Glutamine (Pure Pharmaceutical L-Glutamine)
  • Stronger, better, faster - More Creatine equals More Power. Creatine is the most used performance enhancing supplement in the world. Simply because it works so effectively it is so wide spread and accepted. Countless of users have and still experience gains of 10 - 15% or more in strenght and stamina with heavy lifting. More reps with higher loads results in more muscle growth. It´s really that simple!
  • Fast acting and safe fat burning products are a sought after category in sports nutrition. Nortech Nutrition has put focus on core product and developments that have proven effeciency. An effective diet acompanied with fat burning supplements will surly play a significant role in aquiring the result needed. More information about Fat burners and use cases please visit Nortech Nutrition
  • Pre-Workout drinks, PWO´s for short are complex mixes of amino acids and active ingredients that give improved focus, shorten recovery and kick start the muscle building process developed with the athletes performance in mind. Leran more about Max Intensity Pre-Workout at Nortech Nutrition. Max Intensity will prepare the user – both mentally and nutritionally – for intense workouts. This is a necessary priority to achieve maximum performance. You reap no benefits of intense workouts if you are not adding enough and the correct nutrition and vice versa. Eat as healthy as you will – if you don’t work out hard enough to stimulate muscle growth, you won’t see the desired results.
  • Vitamin and minerals are important co-factors for active people. Suplementing with a effective and balanced vitamin daily make sure that no nutritional links are broken. A highly active lifestyle and har training especialy make the body require more micro and macro nutritient. Taking a daily Multi Vitamin whether you are an athlete or not, is a great CORE and healthy all-round supplement to safebet any day of the week. Please visit Nortech Nutrition for ingredients and Nutrition Facts.
  • SUPER OMEGA 3 - THE POWER OF OMEGA 3. Nortech Nutrition is presenting the Virgin Salmon Oil with the patented OmegGo® inside. Super Omega 3 capture the natural balance between the Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA just like nature intended. With Super Omega 3 you can be sure you have the best product Omega 3 product avaliable, 100% Norwegian origin. A NEW GENERATION OF OMEGA 3 FISH OIL • 100% Norwegian origin • Processed within 24 Hours • No chemical process • 100% Traceable • No additives • High Nutritious profile • Strong health improvement* Do you need more ? Sustainable sourched with natural antioxidant asthaxanthin - Bang! This is the best omega 3 oil there is for health concious people! Please visit Nortech Nutrition brand page for more information
  • Speed up your recovery - Muscle Max Recovery fulfill the urgent need for nutritional restitution materials for optimal recovery after work outs. There is not any supplement regime more important than refilling your muscles need for high quality micro and macro nutrition after high intensity exercice. Muscle Max recocery formula has been a best selling product for almost 20 years. Underrated, imediate effect - Awesome flavours - KING OF RECOVERY! Take note today and make sure you are ready to propell your phycical ability to recover and perform.  
  • Norwegian Protein Pancakes with whey protein and egg white protein , nutritious and made with our original Norwegian recipe. Great for breakfast and after workout meals. Loved by fitness enthusiasts.
  • All natural Whey & Oats in a classic chocolate flavour. No you can have all the powerfull food in one complete shake. Norwegian Whey protein and Norwegian oats are a powerful combination of muscle building healthy food. Incredible quality and pure origin.


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